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Asian Chairshot, named after a professional wrestling attack, combines explosive guitar, bass and drum with vocal melodies that are uniquely Korean.

"An anomalous technique called a chair shot".


With aggressive hard rock guitar riffs in a psychedelic whirlpool and drums through the rhythm of Korean traditional music, it continues the genealogy of Korean rock music with solid sound unbelievably created by a trio.


Asian Chairshot is a South Korean psychedelic hard rock band debuted in 2011, consisting of Hwang Young-won, Son Hee-nam, and Park Kye-wan. They have won awards in major categories in KBS, EBS and the Korean Music Awards. The band has been on tours such as, SXSW in the U.S., Liverpool sound city in the U.K., and many more in Asia and Europe. They have always presented the best stage of live performance with explosive energy.


"It's like Shin Joong-hyun playing Black Sabath's music with the sound of a radio head." -

Jeff Schroeder (Smashing Pumpkins)

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